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My teaching of yoga continues to develop through experience drawn from life and as a yoga practitioner. The classes I attended here and abroad over many years, along with the work of Donna Farhi inspired me to train in the Astanga and Vinyasa Flow tradition in India with a Yoga Alliance registered school.

I am currently studying the use of voice and visualisation technique in yoga.


Caron’s yoga classes give benefits to so many.
I’ve been going to her for nearly ten years and it always feels fresh. She invites you to explore the breath and challenging movements which keep you strong in mind and body.
There’s no clock watching in her classes and by the end you’ll have a lightness and wonderful feeling of freedom.
On zoom she manages to communicate that special quality which brings us happily back to class for years to come.

I so enjoy Caron’s yoga classes. They leave me feeling so much more balanced, physically flexible and relaxed especially if I can make at least two classes a week! Caron clearly and intelligently directs my awareness so that I now appreciate the purpose of each asana and have a stronger connection with my body and the movement of energy through it.
If you’re thinking of taking up yoga, come along… you will not be disappointed.
Michelle Oxley

Why did I stick with Caron when every other exercise regime had failed for me? Caron’s approach is all about emphasising the positive, what you can do, not what you can’t. With her encouragement, warmth and humour (she’s very funny) you find you have just a little more energy or strength than you thought you had. With every session, you build on what you’ve done before, and so over time you find yourself transformed.
Sally Corcos

I have been training with Caron for a long time now and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her (and I have on many occasions)  to anyone who is serious about improving their fitness and mobility. Caron like all the best professionals you meet in any walk of life has the core strengths of enthusiasm, knowledge, experience and dedication which means you always get the best work out for you. Caron always listens and because she knows her subject really well is always flexible and adaptable in her approach so to match your individual need.
Andy Godson

Caron’s yoga classes are an absolute joy. Her style of teaching is gentle, relaxed and fun so you can easily forget how powerful the poses are that Caron subtly and sensitively eases you into. Anyone of any level of yoga will benefit from Caron’s teachings, whether you’re a beginner needing slow and clear guidance or an experienced yogi looking for a led class with encouragement to look deeper within each pose. Caron’s compassion for others is evident and with her extensive knowledge of the anatomy this ensures for a safe and greatly beneficial experience.
Kate Henderson

Caron is an inspirational teacher of yoga.  Her background as a ballet dancer and actor allows her to confidently provide text book demonstrations whilst her experience as an English teacher enables her to describe accurately the step-by-step process and experience of working in a particular asana.  Finally, her training in Vinyasa Flow enables the experience to become fluid choreography underpinned by effective breath work which supports physical and emotional wellbeing.  You can begin anywhere with Caron and her mantra ‘Nowhere to go; nothing to do’ resonates for long after the class has ended.
Michelle Heryet

Caron is a truly excellent trainer. She is the perfect combination of tough and warm. She works with the individual, mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of her efforts I am stronger and more flexible and have better balance. Caron makes workouts fun. I would recommend her without reservation. She provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle.
Ian Clay