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I'm Caron May and I have been getting people moving for thirty years...

I began as a lecturer in Acting, Dance and Movement Studies and branched out as a Boxercise tutor. Twelve years ago I became a Yoga teacher. I trained at a Yoga Alliance School in India. It was there that all the pieces of my life in movement came together. I found learning more about the breath and yoga philosophy opened my mind to vast possibilities.

Initially the revelation of the benefits of breathwork came during a long period of sleep deprivation after a new baby, coinciding with moving house and a new job with a lot of responsibility. It was the rescue remedy for me then and still is.

As a young person, the intense discipline of ballet and performing had nailed in the qualities of toughness and resilience. In many ways this was a great resource yet that same discipline meant that I didn’t pay attention to the little injuries or notice my bad habits. I ignored the need to soften and rest.

Being a yoga practitioner is not a replacement of anything I enjoy such as dancing and boxercise which have a powerful energetic connection. Yoga is the intelligent connector of space, movement and stillness and I prefer to weave the philosophical themes and breath into compassionate, varied and accessible classes. I see it now as a treasure box of possibilities and finding the space and words to guide a class is a huge privilege.

Yoga  teaching has brought me students of all ages and abilities from UK schools to retreats in Africa. I now train people for Yoga Alliance to be yoga teachers themselves. May all of this continue to be my life’s work.

'Over the past 10 years I have been a pupil of Caron's, attending classes in the studio and on Zoom. More recently we have had 1-to-1 classes, working on particular aspects to support recovery from pain. With Caron, teaching comes from the heart and a deep understanding of multilayers of yoga philosophy. There is recognition that we are all different, that bodies have varying capabilities and that we can adapt what is offered wisely. There is encouragement to go off piste, listening to the body, not to overstretch and not to be goal-oriented. She is always enabling and encouraging. Gentleness and stronger practice are well blended. I love the imagery, metaphors and her descriptions - much more poetic and helpful than more anatomical or mechanical language. Lovely philosophy shines through Caron's teaching. Strongly recommend.'

Gill Moorbottom, yoga and one-to-one student

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