Train to be Yoga Teacher

Turn your passion into a fulfilling career

Yoga Alliance accredited course
Hybrid course in Hebden Bridge and online
200-hours teaching time
Total cost: £2950, with flexible payment options available

'Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.'

- Vincent Van Gogh

About the course

Turn your passion for yoga into a fulfilling career that you can believe in. This 200-hour course in the picturesque town of Hebden Bridge will give you an internationally recognised Yoga Alliance qualification. It is designed to instil the confidence to establish yoga classes that are practical, beneficial and enjoyable.

In this carefully structured programme the physical elements of yoga are approached as part of a spiritual path. The course also acknowledges yoga as a pragmatic science where everything is understood through inquiry and direct experience. There is also a business element to the course that will help you build a dynamic enterprise.

'Caron is an exquisite yoga teacher. She weaves creativity through every class with a beautiful and thoughtful sequence of asanas, music, and poetry. Her extensive background in ballet, dance, drama, theatre and English brings an elegance, intelligence and depth to her teachings. She also demonstrates a wealth of anatomy and physiology in her teachings and her practice greatly improved my lower back when I was suffering from issues in this area. She is warm and personable, flexible, gentle and strong and I am indebted to her expertise as a yoga practitioner and novice teacher of yoga.'

- Donna Cotrell, yoga student

'Caron is an inspirational teacher of yoga. Her background as a ballet dancer and actor allows her to confidently provide textbook demonstrations whilst her experience as an English teacher enables her to describe accurately the step-by-step process and experience of working in a particular asana. Finally, her training in Vinyasa Flow enables the experience to become fluid choreography underpinned by effective breathwork which supports physical and emotional wellbeing.'

- Michelle Heryet, yoga student

My promise to teacher training students:

  • I will provide a flexible bespoke course, built around your lifestyle, timetable, availability and interests, using a mixture of online and face-to-face teaching

  • I will provide a practical approach to the theory of yoga

  • I will provide the necessary knowledge of biology and anatomy

  • I will provide an understanding of different yoga traditions and how to build them into your practice

  • I will provide opportunities for teaching practice

  • I will provide sessions on how to build, develop and sustain a yoga business

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